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(an intimidation-free zone!)

 [We have track workouts, but we're not a "track" club!]

[We love to race, but lots of us are slooow!]
[In fact, we love to Chicago Marathon... as runners OR volunteers!]

[We love to party, but we're not... well, we are a pretty "sociable" club!]

[We work hard to give back... because it's the right thing to do!]

"This is the most fun I've had running in a long time!" (Melissa S.)


Here's what's on the Menu Bar...

  • ERCNews - start here to learn all about what's happening right now.
  • WEEKLY Runs - has info on ALL the runs & workouts we host each week.
  • ERC Loves Racing - gives you info on what's coming up, how fellow members did and everything CARA.
  • MARATHONING - find our Spring & Fall training programs, and everything Chicago!
  • SOCIAL Gatherings - our legendary parties and fun events.
  • Runners RESOURCES - for new, injured and cross-training runners.
  • We GIVE BACK - our Evanston Community Volunteer opportunities.

Here are Outside Links that you may find helpful...

Weather's always fine for running!
Check the Weather

NEW: Try Mapping, Logging and Blogging about your runs/running.

Went for a run in a new place and have no idea how far you ran?
Map My Run

Know your distance & time - calculate your pace.
Race Pace

Know your 5K time and want to set a goal for the 1/2 marathon?
McMillan's Running calculator

Using a "dreadmill" for the winter? Click here to find out how fast it is on the roads:
Treadmill-to-Road Paces
Rockin' the 2013 Ricky!

(Many thanks to Paul Sander, for this great shot!)