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WINTERVALS • 2018 schedule and dates coming soon!

Track interval training of up-tempo, fast runs (repeats) followed by rest periods (intervals) of slower running to build aerobic strength, improve running efficiency, and adapt to race-specific intensity. Workouts vary every week.

March 2017 Winterval workouts

Keith has been a competitive runner since high school, and is a frequent age group winner on the CARA Race Circuit. He finished first in the 60-64 age group this year. For a number of years he coached track and cross-country for the (now inactive) Evanston Eagles youth program. His sons, Nathan and Aaron, also love to run and race!

How we use the hour:
  • Bring your own water/secret fluids to stay hydrated. There is no water fountain.
  • Please arrive 10-15-min early, if you can, dress and be ready to go at the appointed time. 
  • We do a warm-up (which can vary, depending on the workout), then make announcements and recognitions as needed.
  • We will jog/stretch after the workout is completed – and no doubt complain miserably – before we head home.


More about Track Workouts 

What's Track all about?

ERC's very popular interval programs are held weekly at the Evanston Township High School - "Summervals" are on the outdoor track and "Wintervals" are on the indoor track. Both are accessed from the west side of the school near the Church St. end of the driveway. Find the school, here:Gmaps Pedometer. The Fieldhouse is the large bldg, upper left in photo, with the white top. (Note: if the Church St. entrance is closed, drive to the opposite end on Lake St.)


You say you a) just don't 'do' track, b) you're not 'fast enough' for track, c) you don't race so why bother, d) you've heard only bad things about track or e) all of the above?

Track workouts alternate up-tempo repeats with rest periods (or “intervals”). Some of us go fast while others run slower, but remember: it’s not the speed in the legs but the fun in the heart that counts!


About the Fieldhouse: The track has been totally re-furbished! 

It is, however, the same length:approximately 176 yards or 0.1 mile, so the turns are pretty tight. We run in lanes 1 & 2 and use lanes 3 & 4 to pass or for the recovery phases. The Fieldhouse air is rather dry and the temperature cool-to-warm. Restrict yourself to no more that 80 percent of maximum effort. Be cautious, and don’t injure yourself. Listen to your body. This is not the time to try and race. If you are asthmatic, bring your inhaler.